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Lafayette Portable Buildings offers No Credit Checks - Rent to own Options Available - 5 year Labor Warranty - 50 Year Material Warranty. Come get your Storage Building today.

When the need arises to store personal belongings, the first thing that comes to mind is self storage units. While this method of storage is traditional, it is often very expensive and inconvenient. Often times the space is limited which may expose your belongings to damage. If you are looking for ample storage space that’s affordable, we offer portable storage buildings for a fraction of the cost of traditional storage.

Portable storage buildings can be an ideal solution for people who need extra storage space but don’t want a permanent structure in their yard. They can provide a real alternative to having to travel to storage units.

Rent to own can be a good way to purchase a portable storage building. Under this program the customer will rent the building for a period of 36 months or 60 Months. After this time the building will be owned outright. There are no credit checks on customers who use this method of purchasing a portable storage building.

Portable storage buildings can be delivered fully assembled and this saves the customer a great deal of time and effort as they do not need to build the shed themselves. The shed can be placed in the chosen location in the garden and is immediately available for the customer to use.

A wide variety of sizes and dimensions are available which means that a suitable portable storage building can be found for most gardens. A reputable company will advise the customers as to the best portable storage building for their needs.

Benefits of Portable Storage Buildings / Movable Storage Sheds

There are numerous positives of portable storage buildings. Here are a few advantages of what these portable buildings can offer:

  • Permanent structures tend to cost more money and like the name, it is permanent. It means that it has a foundation and could not be moved to another location. Portable storage buildings are convenient because you have the option of moving it from different sites if you choose to
  • There are various colors, styles and designs to choose from. Depending on what you feel will look great with where you want your portable storage building to be placed.
  • They are much more affordable than permanent structures
  • You could choose what material you want your portable storage building to be made of. Some of the top brands are made from steel, Vinyl, T1-11, or  Painted LP Siding.
  • They also come in different sizes to choose from. Anything that could accommodate to your needs
  • They are weather proof and you don’t have to worry about dealing with damages especially if you choose a portable storage building made out of sturdy material. These units can withstand many types of weather conditions.
  • Some moving companies also offer services when you plan on moving your unit to a new location. This is a great benefit because you don’t have to stress about the whole moving process

There are several advantages of portable storage buildings. If you’re interested in getting one for your business or for personal uses, it could be your best bet especially when you are on a budget and need that extra storage space.

Lafayette Portable Buildings has Portable Sheds that come in many sizes and styles, there are Portable Wood Sheds, Portable Steel Sheds, Portable Garage Storage Buildings, and even Playhouses for the kids!